Lincoln High School

Have you ever forgotten how long your class is, wondered if anything special is happening at school, wanted to know how much a Cookie is at the Tuck shop, or wondered where ‘PA1’ is? Well the Lincoln High School App is for you!

Notices – Forgot to listen in form and confused about where your class is? The Lincoln High School App lets you read the notices on your device as they arrive daily so you will always be up to date on all school information.

Alerts – LHS Alerts was formed in 2010 as a way to get messages out to students before they get to school. This has proved highly successful and is now integrated within the Lincoln High School App.

Tuck shop – The Tuck shop price list, is simply a price list for all products sold in the school tuck shop. This will help you work out how much food you can get with the money you have.

Personal Timetables – Now you can use your Student ID to get your personal timetable.


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